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Staying or leaving – the situation of exchange students in Jyväskylä during Corona

Since the weekend, everyday life in Finland has rapidly changed. Before last Thursday, Corona was not that noticeable for most of the students. But that changed when the University of Jyväskylä amongst other universities decided to ban all contact teaching and events.

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February Ski week in Suomi or how to become Finnish with hiihtoloma

Feel exhausted and fed up with homework in the middle of the new spring semester? Whether you’re an exchange or international degree student rejoice at the approaching Finnish winter holiday break! 

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Hanging out with international friends – IDESCO creates a community for both Finnish and international students

IDESCO has succeeded in gathering together local and international students. Still, the organization struggles with marketing.

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Finnish silence is a myth – Stereotypes can become a part of an identity

Widely circulated idea of silence as a defining part of Finnish communication style is built on shaky grounds.

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Sympathy for the pirate – Frustration with legal streaming services pushes towards bootleg content

In the age of Netflix and Spotify there’s a treasure trove of streamable content available for those seeking entertainment. With almost everything available for a small cost, how is piracy justified these days?

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Right beat, better results – Music can be used as a performance enhancer drug

Music is an inseparable part of human life. An average person listens to music about four hours a day, which adds up to 13 years over a lifetime. Music helps us regulate our physical and psychological states in our daily activities. That begs the question: can music improve our performance during exercise?

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Procrastination Level = Expert

Procrastination is familiar to every university student. Social media, Netflix and even dishes are far more interesting than writing an essay or preparing for an exam. There are many apps that are designed to help control your distractions. We tested a few of them to see if they deliver what they promise.



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