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Only five students pay for their studies

On August 2017 Finnish universities started collecting tuition fees from students outside EU and EEA countries. In the University of Jyväskylä the amount of applicants for english Master’s programmes decreased by hundreds of applicants. Many of the procedures and practices concerning the fees are still unclear.

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How to avoid break-up

It all starts with butterflies in the stomach and idealizing the other person’s positive sides. But no relationship is perfect. Before everything goes wrong, there are many ways to improve your relationship.

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Why Finland Sucks – This Is the Less Advertised Side of Finland

The history that has been left unaddressed. The unseen people whose opportunities seem lost. Alcohol, violence, suicides… This is the less advertised side of Finland.

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Testing yourself is the key to better results

My legs can barely carry me and my heart and lungs feel like bursting. I’ve just finished the 12 minute running test known as the Cooper test and while gasping for air, I wonder, what’s the point?

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Language becomes meaningful in a social context

What if you could learn any language just by watching tv? It might be too good to be true but with the input hypothesis, you could come close enough.

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Finding your way in Finland starts with the individual

A lot can be said for society's role in integrating foreign students into Finland but mostly it seems to lead back to the individual.

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For foreign students the struggle is real – financially

Many international degree students want to work in Finland after graduation but finances, and sometimes language skills, get in the way.

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Brands, values and local business

Locality, personal values, and individuality have been rising global trends for some time already especially in the clothing business. How are local entrepreneurs faring in this current climate and how are the trends evolving?

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Eight years of president Barack Obama

Barack Obama served for two terms as the president of United States. What did he accomplish and how will he be remembered?

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Siirry takaisin sivun alkuun