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Culture events for non-Finnish speakers

It has been said that non-Finnish speakers find the Finnish language a little, let’s say tricky to understand. So, what is there for you to do in your spare time in Jyväskylä which doesn’t require passing an intensive Finnish course?

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Trump in the Oval Office

Few saw it coming, but Donald Trump won the presidential election to become the 45th president of the United States. How did it happen and where does the United States go from here?

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Pepe the Frog, Twitter and Donald Trump

The internet-based movement is gaining notoriety for its memes and Twitter-campaigns. But what is the Alt-Right and what are its goals?

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Squabbling over Questions about Race

Black men dying at the hands of police officers, university students protesting on campuses, presidential candidates bashing minorities – why is race such a big deal in the United States and why are people being shot to death over it?



The rising youth of the East

The Umbrella movement of 2014 was based on student activism. Now those same students are shifting the political balance of Hong Kong.

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Turkey in turmoil

Has the Western media downplayed the situation in Turkey? What is the Gülen movement and how did it grow into a major political and religious force in one of the largest Muslim countries in the world?



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