One could imagine the enviable smile that clouded the faces of the fresh students during the orientation day. It was a day to initiate them into the academic arena of University of Jyväskylä .
I was extremely happy to be among these galaxies of prospective academicians who were all anxious to discipline their minds. Actually, the atmosphere at that time was an evident that everyone had a cause to be happy.
The warm reception and the motherly love from the student tutors was enough to recount with relish.

I have observed that, this kind of social virtue rules the entire university campus. I can however throw a challenge that University of Jyväskylä should be the choice for international students.
It’s a multicultural environment and such siren environment is a good place to build your career aspiration. This means that, if anyone is looking for a university where academic and social life can transform one’s life then University of Jyväskylä stand tall.
University life is always fun if you think of importance of social life. One can argue that, social life on campus plays an important role in one’s life. It helps students to establish network to build their social capital.

This kind of social virtue keeps me motivated. I must confess that every student I have interacted with, appears to be here as an agent for change.
This sort of ambition really keeps me excited. I have noticed that I have not fallen into the wrong lion den. I feel motivated by even the presence of the academic staff at lectures. Their appearance and confidence at lecture hall tells it all.

I don’t know how others feel but personally, some of the staff had been my motivator and role model. Their intellect in my chosen field continues to keep my spirit alive. I have participated in few lectures but I see a wide divergent of opportunities waiting for me to make an impact in my society. This means that if we allow the university to pass through us, without just passing through the university, we can surely achieve our aim of being here.
I admit that everyone holds his or her own life and freedom. Yet we shouldn’t forget that a small trigger, as said by Professor Matti Koiranen in family business lecture, cause a bigger change.
In this context, I can say, let give off our best and the end will be brighter.

Eric Clinton Buah

The writer is a student of Entrepreneurship in Family Business.