The Kortepohja Student Village landline phone system, already once doomed to extinction, is currently being put to test with two new analog-to-digital phone servers.
The Student Union JYY’s Council of Representatives decided to reconsider saving the landline phones in the Student Village last May after being urged by a rare General Union Meeting. The meeting was assembled by a foreign degree student and a resident of Kortepohja, Sandor Klapcsik.
The needed technical parts from two different manufacturers arrived to Finland a bit behind schedule, but the vice chair of the Board of Executives of JYY, Ville Qvist, believes that the piloting phase will be over in no more than one or two weeks.
Testing the new system will cost JYY little less than estimated, a bit under 3 000 euros. The Council of Representatives will decide between the two systems in their next meeting early October.
It is also still possible, though unlikely, that the whole project will be abandoned.