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Why Finland Sucks – This Is the Less Advertised Side of Finland

The history that has been left unaddressed. The unseen people whose opportunities seem lost. Alcohol, violence, suicides… This is the less advertised side of Finland.

Finland became independent a hundred years ago. To celebrate the anniversary year there have been many stories in Finnish media glorifying our country and saying how Finland is ”the best country to live in”.

But there are things Finns aren’t so proud to talk about. If you look at our history, there are grim and shameful times and events throughout the past hundred years.

The use of narcotic substances was common during the war. Some of the soldiers coming back from the battlefront were highly addicted to methamphetamine, morphine and heroin.

In 1918, only a couple of months after becoming independent, Finland was amid one of the bloodiest civil wars in modern history relative to its population. The failed revolution of the left-wing Red Guards ended up killing almost one percent of the population.

Most of the casualties came not from the battles but from executions after the battles or from famine and diseases in prison camps established by the White Guards after the war.

Next few decades were the times of white terror. Fascistic movement Lapuan liike kidnapped leftist activists and drove them to the border of the Soviet Union. The Social Democratic Party was also left out of the national decision making even though it was the largest party in the Parliament during these decades.


When the Second World War broke in 1939, the torn nation came together to defend against the attack of the Soviet Union. World War became eventually another stain in Finnish history as Finland fought the end of the war side by side with Nazi Germany.

The use of narcotic substances was common during the war. Some of the soldiers coming back from the battlefront were highly addicted to methamphetamine, morphine and heroin.

After the lost war, the influence of the Soviet Union in Finnish domestic policies started growing. During this time of ”finlandization” the Soviet Union dictated the suitable politicians and ruling parties. This lasted almost to the dissolution of the Soviet Union.

In 1990s, after a long period of economic growth, Finland underwent a devastating economic depression. The unemployment rate rose to new heights and hasn’t returned to the numbers before the depression. Today nearly half of the unemployed people have been without a job for over a year. There is a great risk for them to be excluded from most social networks.


Today Finland is one of the top countries by many international standards: most stable, freest, safest, best governance, least organized crime, best primary education, most literate, lowest maternal mortality.

When the state of the country is painted so rosy, it shifts focus away from the least fortunate and their problems. Professor of Social and health policy, Juho Saari from the University of Tampere, who has specialized in the research of welfare and loneliness, thinks that defining risk groups has gotten harder than before.

”It has been easy to define a sick or an unemployed person as a member of a clear risk group. Now there are more people with problems that are harder to identify. This is challenging for social security systems because of their need to identify a certain risk or reason to function properly”, says Saari.


Another challenge comes from the wealthy but unequal society we live in. Saari mentions loneliness as one of the root causes for many of the problems.

”Mostly people think of loneliness as a personal thing or common to a certain type of people, but in reality it is strongly connected to social status.”

In most European countries people turn to their families for support, but in Finland the support comes more often from friends.

”This means that the supportive social relationships are more and more the product of negotiation. There is a risk, that people can be left out of these relationships. It leads to a rising number of transparent people. Nobody seems to notice them. They are left out of social relationships and opportunities.”

Saari estimates that the paradox  of Finnish welfare society isn’t the cumulation of disadvantages for certain people, but that some people can’t get onboard of the advancement like most of the Finns.

”When you are in a common Finnish path of rising prosperity, there are no limits to what you can achieve. The situation for the people who have had difficulties in life, is not getting worse than before, but the gap between them and the general population grows larger.”

When the state of the country is painted so rosy, it shifts focus away from the least fortunate and their problems.

Hopeless situations lead to many of the more visible problems in Finland. For example, Finland has one of the highest suicide rates in Europe. The amount of suicides has been decreasing for 25 years, but in 2015 the suicide rate was still the 8th highest in the European Union.

Another problem for Finland has been alcohol consumption. Finnish drinking culture is heavily centered on getting intoxicated as fast as possible. Also, nearly half of the alcohol is consumed by 10 percent of the total population.

And in many cases alcohol consumption leads to violence. Most homicides, rapes and assaults are targeted at the perpetrators’ family members or friends. Large number of them are done under the influence of alcohol.

In 2014 a study by the EU’s Fundamental Rights Agency showed that Finland was the second most violent country in the EU for women to live in. In 2015 Amnesty International criticized Finland for not providing sufficient support for women who have been victims of violence.


There are also long-term societal matters with conscription army and gender reassignment. All Finnish males must undergo a military or civil service.

UN Human Rights Committee and Amnesty International have repeatedly condemned the imprisonment of conscientious objectors who refuse to serve in military or civil service. The exemption of women is also a gender inequality problem.

The treatment of transgender people has raised some questions. For example, if you want to change your legal gender, you must undergo a sterilization procedure.

Finland is a great country for most people. It’s still far from perfect.

  1. Andrew

    Mmmm, a qualification suggestion for the last sentence
    …Finland is a great country for most working people, and others whose income is way ABOVE the poverty level! It is VERY far from perfect!…… for myself, a single pensioner 76, who speaks no Finnish, and has insufficient money to even get to visit a doctor or nurse, and saves up to have an occasional hamburger, etc….
    There seems to be no accountability or integrity evident anywhere. Nobody gives a damn! Nothing works as it is supposed to. ”Good enough” is just not really very good at all.
    I hope my teenage daughters are sensible enough to plan their future elsewhere where housing is affordable and where healthcare is free, at least for poverty stricken pensioners, who are unable or unwilling to go to beg for bread. Hmmm, enough said.

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  2. Jose

    This place sucks no matter which metrics you use to measure happiness. I have been living here for 10 years and I am leaving for good. Best thing I have done here is not having kids.

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  3. Mari

    Finland is not a good country to live. I too lived here for 10 years (like Jose) and I have suffered the consequences (discrimination at work, poverty due to unemployment and so on) but I’m finally moving out. What’s sad is how foreigners must feel when they read about how great Finland is in the news. All my foreign friends are being discriminated against.
    Oh, Finns are also very racist people. A Finn told me this (they ’re not ashamed to admit)

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  4. BH

    Finland is over rated in media in terms of happiness. It’s a miserable place for most of the foreigners. You’ll have everything here except mental happiness. And I guess, that is the main reason why many want to leave this holy country!

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  5. Roussos

    Thank you for this enlightening article. But, we’re all welcome to the real world, where real people live in real places and people make mistakes. Nothing new. We’re discussing new standards of living in an old established world. We all have a history behind us. And we all have experiences in our lives. And advertising Finland to be such a good place to live in, it’s like advertising a cruise in the Caribbean, some people might love it whereas others might not like it after all, being on a boat for days and days. Nothing new.

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  6. John Doe Jr.

    Yeah, do everything you can to not end up living in Finland!
    This country is no happy country at all,
    them dummies vote like that because they have a Napoleon complex and don’t want others to know the truth,
    these folks actually suffer mentally here.
    It is also a very boring country,
    very little atmosphere to speak of ,
    I’d say not so bad atmosphere but the lack of it entirely.
    The kind of country that may feel ok at first but the longer you linger around,
    the worse it gets!
    Yeah, take it from me, I really do know what I’m talking about and I have no reason to lie to any of you out there.

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  7. Kekkonen

    I fully agree with the article and with most of the statements above me in the comments. I have been here for almost 4 years and loneliness creeped in really fast. It is very hard to connect with people, very hard to tell if they want you to be around, very hard to understand how they brag about not having to do ”small talk” because according to them it’s banal and superficial, but then when they small talk it’s all about the weather? They never communicate with each other and let their inner demons and worries only come out when they are drunk, oh, then they are everything they wish they were in their sober lives, clearly. Stop lying to yourselves, Finns. I know a lot of you and 90% are clinically depressed, go to see a therapist periodically and can’t stand any small setbacks in life without letting a huge and loud VITTU, getting stressed and making it seem like the world is gonna end. This is the consequence of such an easy life in a country where everything is just WAY too easy!

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  8. Fuckit

    I can only agree.

    Although a beautiful country to visit in Summer, ”the Happiest country in the World” is only a branding trick with a questionable methodology.

    I have been to many places in the World, including some of the last dictatorship. I am fully aware that no places are perfect and Finland does better than many on some aspects.

    Been living over 10 years here, move voluntarily, never been unemployed, salary way above average… But I am a foreigner. EU citizen, but a foreigner.

    I have been victim of discrimation multiples time, violent ones and more perverse, silent ones.
    I have seen the inexistent empathy from finns, from friends but most worrying from professionals.
    I have seen dozens of finnish friends cheating their wife, a national sport, cover by the alcohol excuse.
    I have seen most of my acquaintances divorcing.
    I see everyday the queue at alko at 9am, the queue at the slot machines available everywhere, shoplifters desperate for a beer, junkies, etc..
    I have experienced the finnish ”drunk tank”, being put for wrong reasons. Reason being a foreigner. A finn in similar situation would have been driven to next taxi stop. Longest 12 hours of my life in a shithole which doesnt respect even human rights.

    That was the last straw. I used to love and respect Finland but I hate it, profoundly.

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  9. Jussi

    Sad to say these writings..but mostly true! Living here with my foreigner wife,i have started to feel foreigner even myself,as a finn!And even some finns actually are so jealous and envy about us,even we are not so called better income people.What actuallu pisses me off certain people who don,t give a shit about anything or no moral at all and respect for elder people!Really pisses me off!!!No working intrest communist fucked up system for 100 years!I have spoken.

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  10. A

    Im 25 years old and I have been here now 4 years. And what I can say is that this country is really good to maybe study or make good money, but… NOT FOR LIVING!
    My biggest problems here is the people and winter. The winter should be okey if you are with nice people but theres no nice people…. Most of them are always with angry face and thinking that they are better than you, cuz they have money… What I learned here is that I dont give a fuck about money if im not happy. I had a good salary here, good work… Everything should be okey, but no… I just cant with the people here, and its hard to explain how stupid they can be (Not all of them but 80% yes)
    I hope i can go far away from this country…
    But any way, if you want to make good money, or study something, then its nice place for 2-3 years, but after that get out of here.
    Its only my opinion.

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  11. Gabi

    I live in Finland even if im half finnish only. The problem with Finland is that everyone pretends to be happy, but they really ain’t. And people drink alcohol witch had obviously a negative effect but real unspoken problem is adult entertament. It’s one of the few reasons why people do suicide in Finland. You might think that adult entertament is something good but it actually has the same side effects that drugs, alcohol and smoking has. In the future everyone will know how harmful adult entertament is.
    If actually don’t believe me go to uoutube watch: why adult entertament is dangerous. And people should rather jerk than watch adult entertament. It DESTROYS lives and wastes huge amoant of time.

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  12. Nicky

    Well after many years here i am done with this country, racism, ignorance, drunks, haters, problematic finnish neighbors, i had to call the police and make complaints hundreds of times because they do noises, after 22:00.. Still they are wild like animals with no education and respect.. Something is wrong with this people.. They are not normal at all they have a lot of mental problems

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  13. Jonatan

    I’m ethnically finnish. Born in Finland but raised elsewhere, I returned to Finland in 2019, mostly due to my parents decision. Honestly, compared to the other places I’ve lived, it is honestly the most depressing shithole that exists on planet earth. Don’t go to Finland, there’s nothing worth seeing there.

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  14. Rosy

    I was born in Finland and moved away when i was 19 because it is no place to live if youre a female. A lot of creeps, pedophiles and violent psychopaths around, and women get blamed for the abuse. It is sickening how rosy the country is portraited in the media for foreigners…

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  15. Edward

    I was born and still live in the Helsinki region, but my native language is Swedish. I don’t feel like I fit in, I understand Finnish but can barely speak it.

    I don’t feel like I have a future in Finland. I can handle the cold weather and the darkness, and I’m still in school so I have friends and family around. But when I finish school and have to find a job, I don’t think I can survive on Swedish and English.

    But I refuse to give in and just accept that I would live in Finland for the rest of my life. Actually learning Finnish would help me but it feels like taking a step back in life.

    One of the most unfair realities is that just because I am male, I have to go to the military or civil service. It feels terrible that no one seems to care about this sexism in our society.
    My biggest dream is to live in the USA. I’m still young, and I think I have a pretty good shot. Wish me luck.

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  16. Vittulainen

    Agreed ! Helsinki is truly Hell !

    12 years in helsinki, Asian, male, with my Finnish wife, from what I have observed, Finns are rather jealousy and narrow minded, they just couldn’t stand the fact that the “ outsiders” living a better life than the locals. If you want to be friends with Finns, just act pessimistic and poor. Finland is not the happiest country in the world, I was shocked when I read that news about it, shouldn’t it be exactly the opposite : saddest country in the world? Racism is very common in Finland, but not often seen with violent, cause they are soft, feel free to provoke at ur wish. I would say 90% of the Finns are racist, the rest 10% are mostly well educated and wealthy ppl who knows what’s up, they know what’s happening outside of Finland, they know how less developed Finland is in many aspects, unlike the other proudly Finns who learns everything from the media. Honestly, Finland literally has nothing to be proud of, they even fucked up Nokia. They claim themselves to be Scandinavians, but I guess Sweden, Norway and Denmark be just like : “ ok ……. if u say so …… “ last but not least, don’t even come to visit this country, its boring, and there is not to see in here. All of us foreigners, work ur ass off and let’s move to California, we can make it ! This country is hopeless

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  17. Flavio

    I agree with the ”saddest country in the world”.

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  18. suomalainen

    I can definitely agree that ”Finland is the happiest country in the world” is more about the society giving good possibilities for one becoming happy. However, I find all the negativity in comments here little bit unfair. I have foreign wife and I have been living almost 20 years in less developed countries. Many my fellow expats were complaining about those countries how people are not nice and trustworthy and how their culture and behaviour sucks. Me? I loved those places and specially the people. To me most or those people complaining were not willing to even try to adapt or try to understand the people and culture but rather expecting them to change ”But in my country, we do like this” forgetting that if people really want to know how things are done in your country, they will ask (and they will if you show some respect for them first) rather than teaching them how to do, think, eat. My wife really loves Finland and people here, as do most of my foreign friends. And one common thing to all of them is that they are all very heartfelt, friendly and open-minded positive people. Those foreign friends who are not so happy here tend to be more self centered and negative characters. Nothing wrong with that, people are different. Definitely for certain kind of people society like USA where lot of people’s ”friendliness” is just shallow, meaningless ”I am friendly just because this is what my society expects from me” . That’s also ok, I totally understand that its nicer if strangers are friendlier to you rather than unfriendly. If I go to bar alone, I am happy to have a shallow chat with a stranger. I don’t need more lifetime friendships.
    My point is that many times if you want to adjust to a new society, just try respect and understand and you will get respect and understanding. However, at the end the truth is that not all the people can enjoy living in every society.

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  19. Non-biomass

    It’s indeed the hardest part to see foreigners struggle with the same problems than natives. That literally stops my blood from flowing when it hits. But it’s all reality. Foreigners face the same issues because they are real. They find the same things: 1) That Finland is not a western country or have western quality of life 2) All countries in the world despise Finns for a very good reason 3) You can’t lead a normal life.

    Let’s speak about the latter. In other western countries, your salary will be bigger – and you’ll have a job, to begin with. That’s something that is not happening here. Never. You are forced to spend your life in poverty, to throw it completely away. Now, here comes another big issue. As a person who has spent his whole adulthood suffering from the results of alcoholism in form of nightmare neighbors, I’m not sparing my words here. Here’s the bomb. 40% of Finns are degenerate human waste. That’s the percent you’ll notice on streets if you keep your eyes open. Pitiful scumbags, soulless biomass. I feel nothing for them and wish only bad for them, as they are not only problem for themselves, but to neighbors too – and for the whole nation (health issues, destroyed properties and apartments, graffities and all that telling of very high iQ). Because of them (50%) and the most corrupted government on earth (50%), at the age of 30, I can only bitterly cry for life I missed – as a native, if that’s not clear enough. How did Germans live? Swedes? What did they achieve? How much did they travel and just lead a good life? Meanwhile-scenarios fill my mind every moment. Unfortunately, I know the answers… That’s usurping 70% of my mental functionality and draining all my physical force – extreme misery. My awareness of such a big loss I have to try comprehend piece by piece. To sum things up shortly – believe me, this subject is enough for a very thick book, I’ll say only this:

    ”All good things that life could give you, are taken from you if you live in Finland.”

    I hope that some day I’m away – for good. But it’s already too late in my case. The thing is, you don’t just leave like that, like Hungarians to Germany, for example. This is the land of upside downs. Don’t expect anything to go normally because nothing is normal.

    Let me tell you something highly important, you’ll not hear it from anyone else soon: Finland is Finlab. The biggest human experiment in the world. Just look at Finns. Compare with any nationality. See it? Definitely not normal. Guys bald at age 17 and womans turn grannies at age 25, both sexes being mentally very slow, sleepy, simple and autistic (genes that are close to viability). Oh, and that extremely arrogant-angry look of all womans, young especially. When I’m abroad, people come, speak and smile – hasn’t happened during my whole lifetime in Finland. So, it’s very lonely and sad, indeed, just like the comments reveal.

    And as if it wasn’t enough – imagine yourself alone, poor, listening degenerative’s mumble behind every floor and door, getting unbearable for three days in a week when you should be able to relax and sleep – add the climate. Norway and Sweden have summers that are 2-3 months longer and other seasons are much more tolerable – no snow or frost. Not to speak about any other type of climate.

    I have seen and heard thousands of foreigner stories from Finland. Majority of those people were lucky enough to leave, having dealt with the issues we brought. Some of them were forced to stay due to some reason. And oh do they hate their lives. Here’s a top secret. There have been a marketing campaign for Finland for a few years now. To attract poor foreigners into our ”paradise”. I’m not completely sure why, but here’s some raw data. Out of 5 million, there’s only 1,5 million working people. What are the others doing…? Told you! Remember that 40%? Yes, there’s your hard reality. In other words, the government wants cheap workforce to care of 40% human waste part, incapable of taking care of themselves – and more importantly, boost the human experiment into new heights for Finns (total destruction of life quality, mass devastation with poverty and socialism).

    And please remember our Finnswedes, the Swedish speaking residents of Finland. The areas densely populated by them have always very high level of employment etc (what does that tell?! – I mean, open your damn eyes!). Every Finnswede you’ll ever hear will still say that leaving the country would be the best idea ever. To ignore this Finnswede proof… is to be literally blind or stupid beyond comprehension! Every single creature on earth despise and hate Finns, myself included as a native Finn! And it’s not for nothing – now you know why. So. Be warned. Please consider ANY other nation and you’ll be fine. Any other nation will definitely give you a good life. Thanks for listening. Spread the word. That’s my form of revenge. Can’t do else.

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  20. Cherry

    I wanna leave ;_; I live here since August 2017, I am just here because I have to. But when I have the chance to get out of here, I will do. I hate this country and their people are, most of them, very rude, not understanding, racist, the list would go longer. I have heard many times the sentence ”You don’t have to be alone in Finland, if you need something, contact me”, funny thing is, when you contact those people, you don’t get anything back, they don’t answer, or if they do, it’s very shallow. Finnish people are so often drunk and so loud, it makes me sick.

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  21. A sufferer in Finland

    I came here to vent. I have been here since 6 years. I am stuck cuz i am married to a finn who never wants to wake up from this dream. Finland is horrible in every way. Everything is so overrated: the medical field, the life quality, the happiness, the openminded loving finns…. all are the opposite. My daughter is autistic and they said we need to fight to get her help. Like GET ME OUT OF HERE!!!!

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  22. suomalainen

    Interesting comments from Cherry and A sufferer from Finland. I would like to ask you guys questions.
    Are you unhappy because of Finland or because you ”have to be here”? I personally respect my personal freedom so much, that I would definitely be unhappy anywhere where ”I HAVE to be”.

    A sufferer in Finland:
    Are you unhappy because of Finland or because of your seemingly unhappy marriage where you share totally different dreams with your spouse?

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  23. Cherry

    Both. You can have personal freedom in another country too. That’s not too hard to archieve. I am originally from Austria, live was better there. I feel like I suffer every day here. It’s not my country, not my language, not my culture. I’m already also scared of the summer, since I’m still not used that the sun is always shining and the weather is so bad here. My ex also makes my life hell. I just want to leave from here. I don’t get it why people say that Finland is great and they want to move here. If someone wants to talk, my adress is mirjam.mayer@hotmail.com

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  24. Asia-FIN-CA

    I see my Finnish experience in the light of how it compares to the living experiences I have had in other places.
    I was born in a 3rd world Asian country and moved to Finland in 2004 as a teenager to get higher education. I completed my Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees here. I also met a Finnish woman, whom I married and had kids. I also did very well professionally – setup multiple startup companies, made exits and made good amount of money too. Economically, the lifestyle I have had since 2010-2018 in Finland, was probably in the top 0.1% of the entire Finnish population. And then due to one of the startups, I moved to California in 2018 together with my Finnish wife and the kids. Here is how compare: Finland is an okay country. It is just okay. Everything is okay. You are okay here. I would say it’s okay for everyone, even for Finns. But the life in California is full of more life. Your days are never boring there. I suppose it’s the institutional setup in Finland- it is designed for everyone to be okay. Finland is very boring – multiple factors: the weather (only 10 weekends in a year you can do something here with your family unless you are big into winter sports vs California maybe 6-8 weekends in a year you can not do much because of bad weather), the Finnish people and their culture (they don’t know how to have fun). Finland is obviously a far better place than the Asian country where I was born on multiple levels -less racism and better infrastructure (healthcare and education). But compared to California, Finns can be very racist. 80% are subtle racist and bottom 20% are violet racist. Top 20% are tolerant and liberal people. Finnish companies would hire foreigners only for employee positions, getting management jobs in this country is impossible. Finnish people want foreigners to integrate to exactly the way they wrun their societies unlike in other countries (USA, Canada, UK etc) you can be you – bring your own culture and learn the local ways too. In America, you can be Irish and American at the same time. One identity doesn’t take away anything away from the other. Finnish people look at you in negative way if you don’t do it or behave their way. Finnish people put all the foreigners in the same basket and majority of the population (80%) – when they see a different skin-colored person, they quickly judge them that this foreigner left their home country because they didn’t have food, shelter and they have come to find a new life here. Darker skinned people are inherently bad. They do bad things in the society. This is all coming from my experience of living in Finland for 14 years. When they see my name in emails or see my skin color, I see that there is some trust gap. But when they learn more about me – who I am – they do change their mind. I can go on and on with my experiences.
    In summary – Finnish people are okay people. They have an okay country. Do move to Finland, if you are looking for an okay life. Maybe for you okay means happy. It was for me too until I discovered a better place in California.

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  25. Arttu

    The things you people are saying are pretty much the same thing in many countries. I’ve been in America, United Kingdom and other countries and i see no difference. The people who are talking trash about our country just don’t know how to live a proper life.

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  26. suomalainen

    Of course personal freedom can be anywhere. What I meant was that I don’t think I would be happy even in heaven if I HAD TO be there and didn’t have any other options.

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  27. Person

    It’s Not a place to live at all. It has problems even I couldn’t conceive of even in my wildest dreams and my jaw dropped at the extreme level of verbal abuse handed out by less than adequately intelligent people. Intelligence, compassion and sense do not fit into my experience here. I’m a norther european by birth and am astounded at how this place as not been wiped of the map by a foreign invader.
    Privacy and politeness are not available here.
    The mentality is 18th century and then some.
    Verbal harrasment daily regardless of what you say and how it is said. It is a miserable place to live, the worst I’ve ever lived in. Totally anarchic and devoid of any self control, policing of any sense or sense in general and that is a real perspective, insight and experience. It is Not worth moving to under no circumstances I’m leaving as soon as I can thankfully I didn’t invest in property here the people are crazy and you will end up either brainwashed or senseless either way definitely not the place for you unless you are extremely narrow minded and of a single point of view regardless of logic and have extreme zenaphobic tendancies and do not value your privacy.

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  28. Person

    I can’t tell you half the things are said and done here in Finland but I can’t wait to finally leave it f o r e v e r!
    I should have stayed where I was.

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  29. L

    Most of these comments make me laugh. I atleast have lived a happy and fulfilling life in Finland. Yes, the country is very boring, and yes, the people here are not as talkative than in your homecountries, so what? And about 14% of Finns here are racist which is probably the worst part about Finland. But I was born to an average, good family, I have extremely nice friends and I’ve learned to appreciate small things from a young age. No, you are not going to get rich in Finland, if that is what your biggest thing to achieve in life is. And there are still many things to appreciate in Finland, such as our free healthcare, free education, nature and Lapland. In summary, Finland is a very average country, like someone has already said, and it doesn’t always fulfill foreigners’ expectations of it because it is indeed, very average. And also, the ’Finnish Dream’ is drastically different from the ’American Dream’, the other is about having an average, but content life, and other one is about making a lot of money, and being succesful (That’s what I assume, I actually don’t know). But me, like many Finns, are still very happy to be born in Finland. And if you personally think that you would have a better life in the USA, go for it! 🙂

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  30. Sivallus

    L, you don’t see it – not suprising you are born in Finland. Let me go through your ridiculous points.

    I hope my writing isn’t removed, it’s not hate speech, but painfully truthful, what makes it seem so.

    1) Just a bit boring, right? In reality, all the good things life could offer you… will be removed from your life.

    2) People. Having lived in total misery, caused by neighbors, for 10 years… (any city and area, been like living above a bar, yelling and retarded mumbling from representatives of retarded nation), I know what kind of people Finns are. Extremely stupid and simple. You have grown blind to the picture you see outside your moldy apartment. Normal people are hard to spot. Only alcoholists, drug users and lower class people. People looking for bottles and cans etc. Only the lowest scum there is – at least 70% of people. It’s not just that they are racist, but again: extremely simple, primitive, vulgar (speaking of being vulgar, how about every other word being ”vittu” in speech of 99%) and stupid. The lowest trash race on Earth.

    3) Myths: healthcare (FFS, just WHY do Finns keep repeating this s*it?) and nature. Let’s start with healthcare. How can you know what good healthcare is because as a Finnish person, you don’t understand what health is, to start with? Do you know how it is in every other country of Europe? No, you wouldn’t make that claim if you knew. How about nature? Should be ”nature”. Man-made thickets (puupelto-trees planted to a field) is not nature. 99% of Finnish ”nature” is like that.

    4) About not getting rich… well, as this is far more expensive than Norway and Switzerland (I ask you: have you LIVED in those places?), you’ll be the poorest citizen of whole Europe. Salaries are a fraction what they are in the beforementioned places, and they have less taxes. You don’t even know how life should be like – NO holding of breath due to poverty! Can’t buy that or that! Oldest cars in Europe and every country brings their defective products here because poor Finns can’t afford normal things! This will naturally take me to the last point…

    5) Enjoying of small things. Yes, whatever forms of self-deception you want to believe. Have you ever thought that why did your parents made you think like that? Is it because here’s no summer at all (for example, Iceland’s annual average temperature is higher), no normal or sane people, no nature, no mountains, no hot springs, no good food (organic and fresh UNHEARD of, as only country in the world) no absolutely NOTHING…. Do you realize that this is why you think like that? Still want to keep your ”happy” bubble? Like many have said, it’s the saddest nation on earth, not happiest, and that is true indeed.

    Lastly, Finns like to suggest moving elsewhere, for people like me. I mean, how the f*** is that going to realize? This place destroys your future and life. See, all poor nations have big communities in America (they get Green card very easily) and Central Europe, it’s nothing for them to move. But how is it for a Finn? This place is intentionally isolated, and is geographically isolated, so no, you are not getting anywhere. If you are born in Nordics or Benelux area, you could change your country anytime you wish, no problem! The same doesn’t apply for a Finn, in the land of opposites. I could list even thousands of things that couldn’t be found elsewhere, this being one of them. One more time: there is no change for a Finn to move – only if you are Swedish Finn.

    Ilmoita asiattomasta kommentista

  31. Romeo

    I always thought this place is better than USA.but it appear it is all false.You finns don’t talk much we understand,but damn.can’t you please don’t look sulking all day long,

    Ilmoita asiattomasta kommentista

  32. Ali


    I’ve been living in this country since 5 years ago. I’ve succeeded super well at work: in less than four years, I rose from being unemployed to being among 1% highest income earners of Finland. But, I hate this country from deepest of my heart. I hate how racist Finns are against many ”third world countries” nation. If one is lucky to be among those favourite nations (Spain?), then he may be lucky making friends, but rest, good luck…And yeah, I pay 45% tax to this fucking racist shithole… I’m planning to leave ASAP

    PS: My work success is attributed only to my own ambition and hardwork. I wouldn’t give any credit, in that regard, to Finnish system.

    Ilmoita asiattomasta kommentista

  33. Blabla

    … This country is a shithole, foreign well educated people must go to school again like a kid, or do shitty works like cleaner, and some other shit, also i had a non well educated, stupid and racist teacher, this is not normal at all, you can not enjoy the life without getting wasted, narrow minded, living always with rage and envy

    Ilmoita asiattomasta kommentista

  34. Oscar

    Most of the commenters just have shitty lives. I mean you live above a bar in a low-income area and you see drunk people, drug addicts and people with all sorts of life difficulties? Color me surprised.
    Everyone calling Finns stupid/ low iq, it’s a bit of an oxymoron since you’re the one who is completely oblivious to your surroundings. Why are you in this country if you have no interest or understanding of the history, culture, geography, weather or customs in the first place?

    ”I’m 74 year old pensioner, with no money and I don’t speak the language”
    The fact that you are poor isn’t Finlands fault. It’s a combination of a lot of things including yourself. So you made bad choices, ended up broke, in a foreign country where you don’t speak the language and you blame the people and the system you know absolutely nothing about.
    That’s a bit like me paradropping in the middle of Atacama desert, getting heatstroke and blaming the Chileans that there was no sunscreen at the LZ.

    If you’re in Finland because of work or study and you don’t like it. That’s fine. It wasn’t up to you, you had to come here, you were essentially forced. Because you come from a country with lots of personal freedom unlike Finland.
    But I get it. It was your job – your career. I mean your country of origin had so many employment and enrichment opportunities that you had to stick with the one that sent you to a country you hate.
    Finland isn’t perfect- far from it, but so is everywhere else. Finland is boring, Italy is corrupt, UK has terrible housing, China is overpopulated, in Cuba nothing works, India is dirty and overpopulated. The US is so great and free that you have the great freedom to get killed by a police officer or a Road rager with a carry permit. In Nigeria people with mental health issues are so well cared for that they practically die out of gratitude on the sidewalk, so that people may admire the dead bodies on their commute in the morning.
    These are all reasons to dislike a place, but it isn’t the people’s fault or the country’s fault that you don’t like it.

    I lived in China for 2 years and except for the food I didn’t like any of it. The culture shock was too big. But I don’t hate China or the Chinese for it. Same for the US. I have been there a couple of times as a tourists and a year as an exchange student in high school and absolutely loved it, however I wouldn’t want to live there.

    At least I have some understanding of other cultures and countries even though that was one of the things missing from Finnish people.

    So all you homesick, fragile, uneducated, uninteresting and socially average Globetrotters. *Just bathe in your misery and self pity until you die and get buried into the soil you hate at municipal graveyard paid by the taxpayers you despise.

    * Hey! Your all practically Finnish already. Well done integrating.

    PS. The writer of this piece is well-known contrarian who can’t really defend his arguments because they aren’t factually made. He just riffs off his current vibe.

    Ilmoita asiattomasta kommentista

  35. turun

    Gosh. I’m just reading it all and crying. Because I’m not alone. I thought it’s only me who is complaining about the country.

    Finns are nice and friendly but it’s all a mask. People seem to be fake, they never talk anything deep.

    Nepotism is everywhere. If you’re an outlander – you’ll never get a chance for a “local level” job.

    Ah yes, if you happen not to have a finnish sounding surname – bad luck. Your CV won’t even be read.

    This country is severe. From an independent confident young woman with a promising career I became a poor unemployed psycho.

    Thanks god I’m leaving it soon.

    Ilmoita asiattomasta kommentista

  36. D

    Sadly all these people are correct. All I can say is that it was all a lie. I would have left after one year, but I love my partner more than anything. It has been three years now. I can’t see myself going on. Very soon I will leave this place for good. I am trying to find some worth in it with the time left. But I am grasping at straws. I had a good life and a good job and friends in my home country. Now I have nothing. Just my partner. I am sick of the racism and the miserable people and quite frankly, love is not enough anymore. I will leave. I despise this place.

    Ilmoita asiattomasta kommentista

  37. EK47

    I came for studies. Mid 30-ties, 10 years of work experience in the UK and China, seven other countries ive worked in. I’ve a fighting attitude and cannot take bullshit.
    Studies are ok. Flat I bought as well. However, problems started during the very first night: it appears I was lied to that the neighbors are fine: they’re unemployed drunks. One from above lied he’s employed on the very first meeting I came to shush him up at night. Soon after he started to be creepy, over-interested, at last stalked me. Three policemen, one male detective and one policewoman didn’t believe me, so I recorded them and went to the press. No city lawyer wanted to start a case against stalking, despite me having recordings. So I threw shit to his flat, as he’s full of shit. Aggression should be answered with aggression for the creeps to fuck off.

    Every Finnish institution I’ve had a contact so far did a good show to make me feel I’m unwelcome. It started from doctors: 6 of them had no idea ear infection is fungal despite I told them it’s this and I just got it from China. They gave me a bigger dose of necessary antibiotic only after I had called the patient ombudsman to complain that if they don’t treat my ears I’ll go to their office and broke their ears. Energy company, bank, phone sellers, FedEx, migri, Kela are all incompetent rudes who would be fired in the UK. And here we come to the point:
    these people are so antisocial that it prevents them from performing their jobs (I ask for headphones and she freezes why squeezing cable in her fingers, unable to answer. I just want to slap them).
    Thus, they rely on technology to free them from the duty of customer service. But this technology doesn’t work, apps crush and, often, people lack skills to operate it (I’ve asked for €200, she gave me €2000, pathetic).
    In conclusion, I’ll be living even before graduation, moving my studies elsewhere. UK and China were much better in regard to what you actually can achieve in life.

    Ilmoita asiattomasta kommentista

  38. Aura

    L you are ridiculous!! Lapland Lapland bla bla bla what Lapland has to offer? NOTHING!! Only nature and that is it, people in Lapland are narrowed mind, and there is no job in there if you are a well educated foreigner as i am, the only kind if job i can get is driving a taxi, cooking, or cleaning. The system forces you to go to the Ammattikoulu, and study, study study all the time… but at the end you get shitty jobs, or no job at all. I am tired to waste my life and time in this country.

    Ilmoita asiattomasta kommentista

  39. Jo

    Oh my god!! I’m so glad I found this post and these comments because I have been losing my shit here and you can’t talk about how miserable you are here with the locals! I’m a Finn that moved abroad when I was 11 and came back now after 20 years. I’ve been here a year and feel like my soul is being ripped apart! This place has no soul! No fucking art supplies anywhere! No one to shoot the shit with! Everyone is depressed! There is no personality in the cities or the people! Everyone looks and acts the same! Fucking corona has made me stuck here! Good thing my family is here though… But this below poverty line income I’m stuck with (though I have a bachelors in business) because there is no work is such a shock! My only comforts of cigarettes and wine are so damn expensive I practically survive off potatoes! Wtf? Why the false advertising? Are they really trying to convince people to move here??

    Ilmoita asiattomasta kommentista

  40. Finnishguy...

    Finland is good for the average working finn but for other people not so much. Finnish people are pretty racist because of the middle east, russia and estonia but otherwise very good country to live and raise kids if you are average man/woman.

    Ilmoita asiattomasta kommentista

  41. I never move back.

    I am fin who gladly get out of that shithole couple years ago, i always hated that place cause peoples the energy there is so extreme poisoneus. People there hope bad to each others. They mostly are just genetically personally damaged cold, evil, bitter, envy cold hearted, empty, narsistics and they feel good and they get plessures when they can put others down. Ive been bullied since school to almost all work places. I think it was cause i was too friendly, sensitive and good looking and looked easy target. Same shit every cities there.

    Typical Fin cant stand if someone is showing happiness or have normal self love. They always looked me bad way and maded me feel my whole life that i should be sorry even to be alive. It taked time to grow out of that poison how they everywhere there poison them selves, but they choose victims those who they think are better or worser than them, they hated me cause i looked different, very beatiful and sensitive, that make these kind people perfect target. That country people are just genetically very evil and twisted. They dont have normal manners, example if you accidently say hello to some diatand work friend they dont mostly answer they just look you like ’wtf’

    Culture shock after getting away from there was huge, it felt so weird when people started to treat me like human should treat themselves. Finnish people treat people like shit without any recpect. When i visited finland again i started to feel so sick but now im gone and feel again mentally much more better. Hopely you all who suffer and dont belong there get away from there too.

    Ilmoita asiattomasta kommentista

  42. Floridian

    It’s funny how much the Finns talk about the American politics,
    but no country ever talks about the
    politics of Finland……it’s like Finland
    don’t matter…….well, neither do the
    opinions of Finns.

    Ilmoita asiattomasta kommentista

  43. Sampo

    Wow just wow. I guess all you people who don’t wanna live here could move…elsewhere? Maybe you will find your paradise somewhere else? Go chase the American dream, just hope you don’t get sick or anything. Try out Japan, the most xenophobic country in the world. The possibilities are endless.

    Just stop wasting my oxygen here and GTFO.

    Ilmoita asiattomasta kommentista

  44. Pata ja kattila

    If you (or your parents) came here for money/free stuff, that’s all you get. Nothing else. Foreigners should take a long look at their own hidden motives and understand that you only get what you give. I bet every Finn know in their heart that you are not really here for them, but for other reasons. That’s why they don’t. Just do not. Wise people. Not to be involved with liars.

    Ilmoita asiattomasta kommentista

  45. i am tired of them

    They do not appreciate the work that i do, everything has to be with the mediocre and closed vision they have, i have learned that initiative, new ideas, or new concepts do not work with them, i must be slow as a turtle, and do things mechanically i am really tired of this country

    Ilmoita asiattomasta kommentista

  46. Finn

    All these people complaining about my country… I guess you can just get out of here and move somewhere else? 😀 we Finns are the kind of people who dont care about meaningöeds small talk or saying ”hi” to every people we see or shit like that. We just live our lives in peace, happi and satisfied _minding our own business_. Thats the key. Sure other cultures are very different and people might be more extroverted, but why on earth should I care. People here really dont ”hate” other people. It just may seem like it but my whole social peer are nice and openminded people. It’s all about how you behave here.

    Also we dont have streets full of alcoholics and lowlife people. They are seen in ”bad” parts of a few cities only. You have ti know the right areas to live (easy with common sense).

    Ilmoita asiattomasta kommentista

  47. lucy

    FINN 20/12/2020 YOU ARE A LIAR!!! first ..yes i saw many drunks out there in the streets, second mostly of you are racist and uneducated people, many of you do not even say ” good morning” 60% or maybe more or alcoholism, racism against foreigners, i saw that in my last job, you think you finnish are the best and this country is the best of the best but let me tell you no, is not…you are slow, average people with no empathy at all

    Ilmoita asiattomasta kommentista

  48. Nakki Makkara

    I totally agree with all the comments and I am native Fin, but I would like to include few things. Tax rate is horrible in Finland. My tax rate is like 40% and what it gives me? nothing. Well, most finns would say ”you got free education and healthcare”. Our school system didin’t teach me to code, I learned it myself. I would also get free healthcare if I applied to any tech company in USA. And USA is probably my next step. I wanna leave this leftist shithole.

    Ilmoita asiattomasta kommentista

  49. mademyday

    Soo funny to notice how this comment section is (mostly) full of Finnish (leftist) betamale crybabies 😀 And foreign people whining about Finns, telling the truth what kind of people Finns are, how they think and act, feel etc etc. Everyone is a drunk, drug addict, racist, has mental problems, suicidal thoughts etc etc.

    You know it all! Good! Now just don’t keep saying ”Im leaving soon”, leave NOW! 🙂

    Everyone can see it through that 98% of these writers of these posts are sooo fed up with of their own lives. No matter where u live. You will feel miserable. You will always find something that offends you. Too shame most of you are afraid to mention your native country, except Swedes and few others. I doubt there’s things much better than here 🙂

    Ilmoita asiattomasta kommentista

  50. Victor

    Finland maybe a victim of the EU political establishment, thence information about education, happiness, etc. – in the form of advertising continues to appear on mass/social media alike.

    People hear and read about those wonderful things in Finland, which may even surprise Finns themselves, and want to make their lives better by moving to Finland!
    How does one move here?

    1. Work migration as a qualified specialist, farm worker, student, etc.
    2. or just brought as a refugee/asylum seeker or come by oneself as one.
    3. Some government programs.

    As a matter of fact this country has been cutting budget as a part of EU austerity measures for quite some time, as a result there are even less of low quality language courses available!
    Less of everything available now in 2021! Health care really sucks in Finland – get a health insurance!

    Also, it’s worth mentioning that perhaps Finland’s government ambitions and companies’ needs/objectives always diverged and now they diverge even more. That’s why so many graduates (mostly Finns) have no jobs and move abroad/tried to immigrate during the recent decade, or do low skilled jobs.

    So, native Finns strangle and obviously foreigners strangle a lot more! All of that because economy strangles!

    Are there bad Finns? Yes! Are there good ones? Yes! Just as everywhere else!

    The social security system helps a lot when you’re out of work!

    Climate sucks! But due to the global warming the weather changed everywhere.

    Finland is over 90% rural, app. 5,5 million people – therefore it is not and can not be like London or Munich or New York and it’s not possible to have a big service/banking industry in such a small, cold heavy taxed place! It is what it is!

    Socialism is perhaps necessary here – I wish it were less bureaucratic and less totalitarian.

    All Finns are equal! But some are more equal!
    Equality/ high standards of living, best schools, etc are complete and utter nonsense anyway!
    Standards of living are good but not high! Services are slow!

    All I can say is that Finland is not the worst country! But it is not the best either!

    Moreover, Finns are also discriminated in Europe! A finish women told me that she never identified herself as a Finn to avoid troubles – she used her Swedish passport to work in Holland.

    Have a good weekend everybody and good luck!

    Ilmoita asiattomasta kommentista


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