14-sahlyjuttuThe International Christmas Games have been easy to organize after one difficult decision.

Sometimes choosing what to do on a Tuesday in December can be tricky.
”First we voted on how to vote and then we voted on which sport to choose. It took two hours”, tells Lorenzo Telleschi, a student of Sports Management and one of the organizers of The International Christmas Games.
The Christmas Games, which will take place on the 8th of December at the L-building sports hall, are organized by an international bunch: the Sports Management students, the Erasmus Student network and a couple of exchange students make up a group of a wide variety of nationalities – and opinions.
”But it has been surprisingly easy considering that the organizers come from different cultures and have really different kinds of approaches”, adds Nita Korhonen, also a student of Sports Management.
”Most students in our programme have a lot of previous experience on organizing events, so everything has gone quite naturally”, Korhonen’s fellow student Laura Latomäki adds.

The group finally decided on floorball, a Finnish specialty that they wanted to make more known among exchange students.
”It’s also fairly easy to learn and organize”, Korhonen adds.
In addition, the Christmas Games will feature side-events such as Finnish wife carrying, high heel and sack runs and a cookie eating contest.
”It’ll get messy, I promise”, laughs Telleschi, although he reminds that especially the side-events are meant to be less competitive.
The organizers hope that there’d be a low threshold to take part.
”We hope especially that many women show up so that we get equal teams”, they mention.

Marja Honkonen