Since the last time we met with Vasilis Karagiorgis, the Greek student currently in exchange in Jyväskylä, a lot has  happened.

AMONG OTHER things, Karagiorgis celebrated his 22nd birthday on the 14th of September. He wanted to serve his friends some Greek food, but unfortunately some of the ingredients he needed were not available in the Finnish grocery stores. Karagiorgis says he is a little disappointed that he has not been able to find, for example, real feta-cheese in the grocery store. ”My parents had to send me two packages of Greek food”, he tells.

AT THE APARTMENT of Vasilis and his flatmates everything is covered with post-it notes. A piece of paper on the wall says “wall, seinä, wand “. This is because Vasilis and his flatmates are learning Finnish, and Michael is learning German as well. Karagiorgis has already started some new courses at university. ”Mobile technology and business, requirements engineering and design of agent based systems have started. In the beginning they were boring, but now they are getting interesting. And I like the way of teaching.”

Karagiorgis bikes from Myllyjärvi to university every day with an old army bike, which he loaned from a second hand market. Karagiorgis likes biking, but finds it a bit difficult on windy days.

TOGETHER WITH his flatmate Nicolas, Karagiorgis has taken part in events organized by AIESEC-student organisation. They both belong to AIESEC in their home country and found Jyväskylä’s group via Google. ”In these events we get to know Finnish people with whom we have something in common. Besides, it’s a great way to explore the city.”

Karagiorgis has also already been on skates. He tried skating at Hippos hall with his friend. ”It was fun. We would also like to go watch some ice hockey matches. We just have to find out when they take place.”

Heidi Tamminen