The recently installed smoke detectors in Kortepohja tend to be very sensitive. What makes the situation even more complicated is that they immediately send a signal to the fire department, which comes to check on the situation automatically. There is no way to stop them from coming once the alarm rings.

One visit costs about 600 euros. If your carelessness is the reason for the alarm, you might end up paying the fee yourself.

 Here some hints for avoiding the alarm:

  • Don’t smoke in the apartments. The smoke alarm recognizes cigarette smoke and will go off.
  • Don’t try to change the smoke detector’s batteries, this is unnecessary and will also set off the alarm.
  • Don’t tear the detector off from the sealing. This will be detected and immediately send someone at your door.
  • Be careful when you cook, especially with dishes that require frying large amounts of oil. Be careful when cooking drunk, too.