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Founded in 1960, the student magazine Jylkkäri is the Student Union of the University of Jyväskylä’s member magazine meant for all JYU students. In the student magazine’s statutes (in Finnish), Jylkkäri’s function is defined as the engagement in diverse discussions about current issues that concern the students.

The magazine’s articles discuss various topics including the student life, the university community as well as other socially important issues. Jylkkäri is issued eight times a year: four times in the fall semester and four times in the spring semester. A large part of Jylkkäri’s articles are written by assistants. You can find more information on how to assist Jylkkäri below.

The highest power of decision in matters concerning Jylkkäri is held by the student union’s council of representatives. Jylkkäri also has a six-member board that decides the magazine’s issue dates, observes the magazine’s operations and discusses its content with the editor, among other things.

The total circulation of Jylkkäri’s printed version is 6 000 copies. Once a year, the magazine publishes a city issue that is delivered to every household in Jyväskylä, the edition of which is around 50 000 copies. Jylkkäri publishes an additional 7 000-copy abitur (3rd year of high school) issue twice a year, and it is delivered to every high school and educational institute in the neighboring area.

You can grab the magazine with you from distribution points at the university campuses and elsewhere in Jyväskylä, or order it directly to your home. Instructions on how to do these can be found in here (in Finnish).

Want to assist Jylkkäri?

Jylkkäri operates on the assistant principle. You can assist us by writing, taking photos or by making illustrations­. Previous experience isn’t necessarily required; the editorial staff helps everyone when at need.

How do I become an assistant?

The easiest way to become a Jylkkäri assistant is by taking one or more of the following steps:

  1. Join the Jylkkäri assistants’ Facebook group. We announce for instance assistant meetings and hand out small and/or urgent job offers in the group.
  2. Come to the next assistant meeting. At the assistant meetings, we brainstorm the future magazines and hand out article ideas to eager writers. Assistant meetings are held on Tuesdays that follow the publication of Jylkkäri’s latest issue at 4-6 p.m. in the cabinet of restaurant Ylä-Ruth. Assistant meetings are announced in the Student News and on Jylkkäri’s Facebook page.
  3. Suggest your article idea to the editor directly. You can share your ideas by e-mail/phone or by visiting Jylkkäri’s editorial office at Ilokivi.

How do I write an article for Jylkkäri?

In Jylkkäri, assistants operate under guidelines similar to the usual standards in journalism. Those are as followed:

  1. As an assistant, you share your idea for an article with the editor-in-chief by e-mail, by phone or by visiting us at Ilokivi. The idea should contain the following things:
    • What is the point-of-view of your article? For example, ”Something about Kortepohja” is only a topic, not a point-of-view.
    • The summary of the article. Write down in a few sentences the most important points of the article.
    • Who could you interview for the article or what other sources could you use?
    • What is the schedule of the story? When will you have the article ready?
  2. The editor-in-chief will review the idea and may:
    • approve your idea as it is and agree to buy your story. Move on to topic 3.
    • suggest some changes to the original idea. You reply to those suggestions and the negotiation will continue until the editor-in-chief decides either to accept or decline your idea.
    • say that we aren’t interested to buy your story right now. You can return to topic 1 and offer new ideas for articles. It is normal, that all offers are not accepted. Don’t let a rejection get you down!
  3. The editor-in-chief decides to buy the article you are offering. The length of the article, your payment and deadline for the article will be set up with the editor-in-chief. You may also suggest these at topic 1.

Sometimes we offer commissions to assistants directly. Even if you don’t have an idea, you can let the editor-in-chief know that you are interested in assisting us. If it is your first time assisting Jylkkäri, write down in the e-mail a little bit about yourself and if you have any previous experience in writing, photographing or illustrating.

When the editor has approved your idea, it’s time to agree on the details of an article. With each assistant, a written assistant contract is made where we agree for instance on transferable rights.

  1. Length of the article. The length of the article is announced in characters. NB! The number of characters includes spaces.
  2. Elements of the article. In addition to the text, we might ask you for a sidebar, a comment or a fact box, to mention a few.
  3. Payment. We always agree on the payment beforehand.
  4. Deadline. I.e. when we can expect to receive your complete article. Please notify the editorial office immediately if you can’t get the article done by the deadline or cannot for one reason or another deliver the article at all.

The articles are delivered to Jylkkäri through Google Docs. Images are delivered either as a file or a shared folder.

  1. Create an empty document.
  2. Name the document as follows 9-2018: Name of the Article (Author’s name), where 9-2018 stands for the issue in which the article is meant to be published.
  3. Write the complete article. Make sure that the document includes all the elements that have been previously agreed on.
  4. Share the document with the users paatoimittaja@jylkkari.fiand toimittaja@jylkkari.fi.

How do I receive the payment?

Assistants always receive a payment for their article. Payment varies according to the workload behind the article. An average payment is around 100 euros – shorter articles yield less and longer ones more.

The payment is done within a month from the moment when the editor approves your article for publication. In extreme emergencies, the payment can be done faster.

In order to make the payment, JYY Financial Services need your:

  • valid tax card
  • bank account number
  • mail address
  • full name
  • e-mail address and phone number

Tax card and personal information are delivered by e-mail to the address talous@jyy.fi. Write “Jylkkäri payment” in the title field.

Assistants who operate under a business name or through a company can invoice according to the normal practice. The invoice shall again be delivered to talous@jyy.fi.


Contact information of the editorial office

Jaana Kangas
p. 045 137 1957

Laura Kangas
p. 050 353 3362

Civil servant, photographer and graphic designer
Felix Fiilin
p. 050 353 26 76

Jylkkäri board

Riikka Maukonen, chair of the board
Ronja Kiviö
Katarina Mustonen
Arto Nyman
Leo Toiminen
Topias Peltonen